Our Admissions Team is here to guide you through the placement of your loved one. We welcome you to contact us at (716) 649-9111.

   Stacy Waite
   Sara Bielecki


Our Case Manager is your key to establishing services from public and private sources of income, health and mental healthcare, as well as any other social service related needs. The Case Manager helps new residents and families adjust to the daily routine and life of The Courtyards, as well as maintain and foster family and community ties.

The Case Manager will continue to assess the resident on multiple levels including social, family, financial, medical, mental health, key life events, dietary and spiritual needs. The Case Manager will follow through and monitor the resident for changes, maintain an ongoing communication with healthcare providers, monitor the services provided to you for effectiveness and/or success of the intervention, and maintain oversight of the work to ensure that the Case Manager can respond promptly with you to changing circumstances within any given case.

If necessary the Case Manager can assist with any alternate placement arrangements necessary. In addition, we will coordinate your care services and help you navigate through the complicated world of hospitalization. It is our pleasure to serve you!